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Available Jobs

# Job Title Primary Service System Game Budget
1467Trying to get to platinumPower LevelingXbox OneRocket League$1.00-$9.99 USD
1416mastery rank 9 testPower LevelingOtherWarframeFree
1407Apex level up battlepass 102 to 110Power LevelingXbox Oneother$10.00-$24.99 USD
1393Play a FPS video game at a competitive level.Team UpPCother$25.00-$49.99 USD
1389Paid Position from Emulator Media for current Pro playersotherPCLeague of Legends$100.00-$249.99 USD
1286Farming OverdrillPower LevelingPCPayday 2Free
1269Player RecruiterotherPCother$100.00-$249.99 USD
1268Community managerotherPCother$100.00-$249.99 USD
1267SWTOR - HEAL TANK DPS OP/FP NM/SMTraining (Team)PCother$100.00-$249.99 USD
1266Power leveling on SWTOR (star wars the Old Republic)Power LevelingPCother$100.00-$249.99 USD
1228Breath of the wild Trails of Sword Master ModeotherOtherother$1.00-$9.99 USD
1194exotic hunt and leveling helpPower LevelingPlaystation 4DestinyFree
1093Gta Easy take has to be done multiple timesotherXbox OneGrand Theft Auto V$10.00-$24.99 USD
1034Sword Art Online Integral factor- equipment proficiency level upPower LevelingOtherother$50.00-$99.99 USD
774TestCarry/Sherpa (PVP)PCArma 2Free
661B03 prestige fast for youPower LevelingPlaystation 4other$1.00-$9.99 USD
490MOBA LegendsotherOtherother$250.00-$499.99 USD
443Wanting to get all avatars on the site NitromeCollectiblePCother$50.00-$99.99 USD
440Trials of Osiris - SherpaCarry/Sherpa (PVP)Playstation 4Destiny$50.00-$99.99 USD
413Train my 5v5 TeamTraining (Team)PCLeague of Legends$100.00-$249.99 USD
412Overkill farming for money helpCarry/Sherpa (PVE)PCPayday 2$1.00-$9.99 USD
411Solo Mid Coaching wanted from ProTraining (Solo)PCDota 2$50.00-$99.99 USD
410Please defend me from attackCarry/Sherpa (PVE)OtherClash of ClansFree
408Lighthouse Sherpa Needed!Carry/Sherpa (PVP)Playstation 4Destiny$1.00-$9.99 USD
407Run me through levelsCarry/Sherpa (PVE)PCPath of ExileFree
406Please kill this camper!Carry/Sherpa (PVP)PCH1Z1$1.00-$9.99 USD
405Raiding tonight, need teacherCarry/Sherpa (PVE)PCWorld of WarcraftFree
404Need 10 Wins in ArenaCarry/Sherpa (PVP)PCWorld of Warcraft$1.00-$9.99 USD
4031-50 Squire LevelingPower LevelingPCDungeon Defenders 2$25.00-$49.99 USD
402Need Heist Carry PleaseCarry/Sherpa (PVE)Xbox 360Grand Theft Auto V$1.00-$9.99 USD
401Need coaching on my FIFA PlayTraining (Solo)Xbox OneFIFA 16$10.00-$24.99 USD
400Season 5 Power Level to 70Power LevelingPCDiablo 3$1.00-$9.99 USD
399Hard Mode Oryx Sherpa PleaseCarry/Sherpa (PVE)Xbox OneDestiny$1.00-$9.99 USD
398Looking For Harbinger NM4 until I get Huntress bowCarry/Sherpa (PVE)PCDungeon Defenders 2$10.00-$24.99 USD
396Weekend Players Need Help!Carry/Sherpa (PVE)PCWorld of WarcraftFree
388New CS:GO Clan looking for help!Training (Team)PCCounter-Strike: Global Offensive$50.00-$99.99 USD
387Take me through highest raidCarry/Sherpa (PVE)PCWorld of Warcraft$25.00-$49.99 USD
386Take me to the Light House!Carry/Sherpa (PVP)Xbox OneDestiny$10.00-$24.99 USD
385Teach me how to solo midTraining (Solo)PCDota 2$1.00-$9.99 USD