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Services:Carry/Sherpa (PVP), Training (Solo), Training (Team)
Bio:Hey guys, it's Valkrin. I've played League of Legends since the beta and played for a few top amateur teams before the LCS and went to a few lans. I was rank 7 Challenger in season 3. I hit Challenger in season 4 in 36 wins! (Being super high MMR helps climb in a new season). I do a variety of things focused on helping the average league of legends player improve their League of Legends play. My stream is highlighted by a few key focuses: Explaining the ideas behind my decisions Giving tips on how to fix common mistakes Actively participating with viewers The concepts I talk about in my stream usually stem from videos that I've published on my Youtube channel. If you want to see more of my content, check out my Youtube page for more league of legends advice.
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